Is factory tint the same as aftermarket tint?

Do you have factory tint on your vehicle? Have you ever wondered if it’s the same as aftermarket tint? Does it still block out the heat and reject harmful UV rays? We’re here to help you find all the answers to these questions so you’re more informed the next time you’re in the market for window tint! Here at Cen Cal Tinting we constantly work with vehicles with factory tint and would love to educate you on what’s best for your vehicle to help ensure you stay cool and safe!

What’s factory tint?

Factory tint is very commonly seen nowadays on newer vehicles. It’s mostly seen on newer SUV’s and trucks. It’s almost never seen on regular cars. Factory tint comes from the factory that makes the vehicle and isn’t installed by an aftermarket window tint installer. Factory tint is only the back half of vehicles simply a pigment in the glass that makes it look darke and isn’t an actual film that’s installed. It’s main purpose is help give the riders a sense of privacy. Most privacy glass meter’s around 20% VLT or Visible Light Transmittance. This means that it blocks up to 80% of light that comes in. Many customers are curious if they have factory tint and one good way to tell is by looking at the edge of the top off the glass. Usually you can see a gap between the window film and top edge. Also if you got your SUV or Truck brand new that’s another great sign that you just have factory glass. 

Is factory tint the same as aftermarket tint?

Performance of Factory Tint versus Window Film - Cen Cal Tinting Is factory tint the same as aftermarket tint?

Although factory glass is very similar in looks compared to aftermarket tint it does not have the same benefits aftermarket tint holds. Many customers believe that because their vehicles have factory tint they simply just have to tint the front windows but there is a huge difference between aftermarket tint and factory tint. Factory tints main purpose is for privacy and unfortunately not much else. When it comes to blocking out harmful UV rays all glass blocks out harmful UVB rays. UVB rays are mainly responsible for sunburns. The difference between aftermarket tint and factory tint is seen with UVA rays. UVA rays account for up to 95% of the UV spectrum. UVA rays play a huge factor in skin wrinkling, aging, and skin cancer. UVA rays are the ones to worry about due to them being the ones that can penetrate through glass. Having an aftermarket window film installed on your windows over factory tint can greatly reduce your chances of skin issues and help reject up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Another reason aftermarket tint is better is that it helps reject heat unlike factory tint. 

As you can see with this illustration window film tint blocks out solar heat and harmful UV rays. Aftermarket tint can greatly reduce the heat in your vehicles keeping the passengers much cooler and safer from harmful UV rays. It can also help protect the interior of your vehicle ensuring it stays looking nice! 

Why aftermarket tint is a great investment!

Aftermarket tint holds many benefits of factory tinted glass. Aftermarket tint greatly reduces heat coming into the vehicle and rejects up to 99% of UV rays. While factory tinted glass’s only benefit is the extra sense of privacy. With the whole car being exposed to the sun it heats up very quickly and exposes passengers to harmful cancer causing UV rays. Aftermarket tint can also help reduce gas usage by not needing the AC to be running as much. Also for customers who would still like to be able to see out of the back easily a light film percentage could be applied which will still have all the benefits. The great benefit of going with a ceramic window film compared to a standard film is that you can still get a high heat rejection even from a lighter shade of film. However with a standard dye film you’d have to get the darkest shade to get the most heat rejection. 

Aftermarket window film is a great investment you can make to help keep you safe. Contact us today to request a free quote for your vehicle. We have many different shades to choose from to help ensure every customer can find what they need. We carry Global Window Films which is a top film manufacturer that comes backed by a nationwide lifetime warranty. We’re also mobile meaning that we come to you so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of going to a shop and instead can get your windows tinted at the comfort of your home! Feel free to request a quote online or give us a call at (559)217-9144.

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