Different Types of Car Wraps: A Quick Beginner’s Guide

There are many benefits to getting a vehicle wrap, including cost-effectiveness and protection for the original paint job. Vehicle wraps are made of PVC or vinyl and can be removed easily. Cen Cal Tinting offers many high-quality cars wraps to choose from.

Different Types of Car Wraps: A Quick Beginner’s Guide

1 – Glossy Wrap

This is the most popular type of wrap. It is very durable, long-lasting, and highly reflective for added safety. The glossiness is so great that a vehicle with a gloss wrap can be seen from the bottom of a lake or the top of a mountain. This type of wrap is gaining popularity throughout the United States and the world. Although glossy wraps are perfect for the outdoors, they do require an additional layer of paint and an even glossier finish.

2 – Matte Wrap

These wraps are made with a slightly duller finish for a lower reflectivity. Cars with a matte wrap are very popular with corporations because they are more visible than vehicles that have a glossy finish. Matte wraps are often called “sugar-coatings.”

3 – Hybrid Wrap

Hybrid wraps are a combination of glossy and matte finishes. They are very popular with corporations because they allow their vehicles to be seen in multiple light settings.

4 – Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon fiber wraps are made of real carbon fiber pieces, are very popular with people who enjoy customizing their vehicles, and are often found in luxury automobiles.

5 – Satin Wrap

Satin wraps are made of a smooth, satin-like film that has a tendency to repel water. Satin wraps are very popular in areas with a lot of rain.

6 – Vinyl Wrap

In this type of wrap, the entire vehicle is covered in a thick film, with adhesive applied to the back of it. The material is then stretched over the vehicle and secured with straps and clamps to ensure it stays in place. This type of wrap is not meant to last as long as PVC or gloss wraps.

7 – Holographic Wrap

Holographic wraps are a type of glossy wrap that has a visual depth and a three-dimensional look. They are very popular with people who want a wrap that is unique and eye-catching.

8 – Brushed Car Wrap

This type of vehicle wrap is similar to matte wraps, as it has a slightly duller finish than glossy wraps. Brushed car wraps are made to look like brushed aluminum.

9 – Embossed Wrap

If you want to add a little luxury to your vehicle, consider getting an embossed wrap. It makes your vehicle look like it is wrapped in leather or vinyl.


There are many benefits of getting a car wrap or vehicle wrap. Car wraps are also good for many other vehicles, such as RVs, boats, and motorhomes. Whether you choose a gloss, matte or hybrid wrap, you can rest assured that your vehicle will look unique and eye-catching. Overall, vehicle wraps are a great way to protect your vehicle and customize your car. When choosing a wrap, it is important to know what your vehicle will be used for, whether you plan to sell it at a later date, and what types of materials you are comfortable with. Most wraps last around five years. 

When you are ready to get a wrap for your vehicle, be sure to contact Cen Cal Tinting for an estimate. Get your commercial vinyl wrap by contacting us today!

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