Debunking 7 of the Most Common Myths about Ceramic Coating

One of the most significant investments they could ever make in a lifetime is a car for most people. Cars are amazing machines because they can get you from one place to another, and they don’t come cheap. For this reason, car owners go the extra mile in protecting their vehicles. There are many ways to do this, but one perfect example is installing ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating helps with protecting a car’s paint. The process involves applying a unique film onto the vehicle, which will last for years. Besides that, the ceramic coating also does other things such as protection from the elements, dust, and dings. Unfortunately, even ceramic coating isn’t safe from various myths and misconceptions that deter people from getting them. For this reason, we’ll debunk some of them in this article. These include:

#1 – Ceramic Coating Is Scratch-Proof

There aren’t any materials on this planet that can be scratch-proof. Ceramic coating, just like any other surface protection product, has certain limits. The limitation of ceramic coating lies in the principle of what it does and how it works.

The ceramic coating protects the car’s paint from rocks, dust, and other elements by creating a barrier between the color and the exterior world. Rocks and dust can scratch the coat, but they won’t reach the paint. The barrier protects the car, but since it’s merely a film, it will be scratched if something sharp hits it.

#2 – The Coating Makes a Car Glossier

Many people are led to believe that ceramic coating makes a car glossier. This is not true because the coating does not shine or make a car glossy. It’s merely a chemical reaction that causes the car’s outer layer to be shinier. Furthermore, the coating won’t affect the car’s body, and it can only shine the surface film. This is why you can find many ceramic-coated cars that have matte paint.

#3 – Ceramic Coatings Are Only for People with Cars That Lack Maintenance

Ceramic coatings aren’t only available for people with poor maintenance habits. If you have a car, you plan to keep, be it a new car or a relatively old one, ceramic coating is the best way to go. It’s an excellent investment because of the protection it gives and the increase in the resale value of any vehicle.

#4 – Ceramic Coating Protects against Chipping

Chipping is when paint chips off the car’s surface, which is something that no car owner wants. This looks terrible, and it also means that the vehicle needs to be repainted. Some people believe that ceramic coating can help with this problem, but it’s not true.

Ceramic coating is mainly for protection, and it does a great job of it. However, it can’t prevent chipping. Even if the paint underneath the ceramic coating gets chipped, the coating will still be there. This is a good thing because at least you’ll be able to see what color the car’s paint is.

#5 – Warranties Make Ceramic Coating Last Forever

Warranties are excellent because they can give car owners much peace of mind. However, warranties for ceramic-coated cars may not make it last forever. One must always read the terms and conditions of a warranty because some of them don’t cover ceramic coating. If you’re unsure of your warranty and whether or not it offers protection against ceramic coating, check with your dealer.

#6 – You Can DIY Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a particular type of coating, and a qualified, certified technician should apply it. DIY enthusiasts can’t do the process because it requires special testing and certifications. Do-it-yourselfers can try ceramic coating, but it can only be done correctly by experts.

#7 – Water Is Enough to Wash Ceramic Coated Cars

When washing a vehicle, it’s essential to know what to use and how. For ceramic coated cars, water alone won’t do. You should use mild soap and a soft cloth to clean them. Hard materials can scratch the surface, and you don’t want that. If you scratch the coating, you can use a mild polish to buff it out, but it doesn’t mean that the coating will last forever.


You have to understand that ceramic coating isn’t a magical product that makes a car last for hundreds of years. It’s a great car protection product, and when applied by an expert, it can protect the paint from the elements. As long you keep your car well-maintained, ceramic coating is a good investment that will raise the car’s value.

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