RV Windows: Is It Possible to Tint Them?

rv windows

Spending time in varying climates that have some kind of warmth is something plenty of people enjoy. This becomes especially true when they’re in rigs that have a pretty solid air conditioning system. However, aside from being the main source that is able to keep an RV cool amidst summer heat…that’s pretty much the only […]

Tinting Hints: When Should You Replace Your Window Tinting

window tint

Many think that window tinting is only there to provide privacy. However, it is also essential in protecting us from hazardous UV rays. The sunlight is powerful enough to cause damage to our skin and eyes.   Unfortunately, the window tinting has a specific lifespan and lasts only a few years. The question is, when should […]

Debunking 7 of the Most Common Myths about Ceramic Coating


One of the most significant investments they could ever make in a lifetime is a car for most people. Cars are amazing machines because they can get you from one place to another, and they don’t come cheap. For this reason, car owners go the extra mile in protecting their vehicles. There are many ways […]

4 Beneficial Reasons to Tint a Mobile Vehicle’s Tail Lights

tail light

Tinting various parts of the mobile vehicle are typically recommended. Most car owners are aware of tinting the windows, especially since it ́s what attracts car buyers to the cars on sale. However, it’s important to consider other components of the vehicles to tint and their accommodating advantages. Taillights are responsible for ́sending signals to […]

Is Car Window Tinting A Long-Term Wise Investment?

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Without realizing it, getting your car windows tinted is one of the best decisions you’ve made for your vehicle, road safety, and driving convenience.  Most car owners are likely to opt for auto tinting because of the numerous benefits it promises and provides to its occupants, including increased safety and protection from thieves, accidents, and […]

Is factory tint the same as aftermarket tint?

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Do you have factory tint on your vehicle? Have you ever wondered if it’s the same as aftermarket tint? Does it still block out the heat and reject harmful UV rays? We’re here to help you find all the answers to these questions so you’re more informed the next time you’re in the market for […]