Adding a Tint Over Tinted Car Windows: Good or Bad?

Tinted car windows are the best option if you value your privacy. However, some people have been questioning whether it is safe for their car to add an extra layer of tint on top. In this article, we’ll address your frequently asked concerns regarding tint over tinted car windows and if it’s good or bad for your vehicle.

Can You Put Tint Over Existing Tint?

Yes, it is possible to apply tint over existing car window tinting. Small bubbles are natural, but they will go away if there are any. Just make sure the new tint is applied on top and not the bottom, which is the least likely to be affected by the previous coat. If you get a high-quality car window tint and very good tinting services to carry out the application, then it’s good to go.

Are Their Perks to Two Layers of Tint?

Tinting car windows with two layers of tint serves several purposes. Having a heavier tint can truly offer you and your passengers some added privacy. Plus, it will give your window an extra layer of protection from the sun’s heat, block and reflect some of the UV rays that damage your car’s interior, and protect your leather seats. 

How Can You Get Two Layers of Tint?

There is a process to undergo before you can get the perks of two-layered window tinting. Here’s a peek into what to expect:

1. Find Window Tinting Services

First of all, you need to browse for window tinting services. A professional must be in charge of the project, as they have the knowledge of how to layer the tint on top. They may also suggest stripping the existing window film before you apply the new one, depending on the quality of the old one.

2. Skip the Car Wash Visits

After applying two layers of tint, it’s best to skip having your car washed for a while as the film needs to cure. If you have a tint layer over your tinted car windows and it’s all dry, use a soft microfiber cloth to clean them. Even if you wash your car weekly, you’ll still be able to keep the tint looking good for years to come.

3. Deal with Window Tint Bubbles

As mentioned, some bubbles might occur when you apply two layers of tint, but they will disappear on their own. These are usually small bubbles caused by the sealant. They can be dealt with by squeezing and flattening them down after the tint dries or bringing the bubble issue to the attention of your window tinting professionals.

4. Allow the Tint to Dry and Cure

After applying your new layer of tint, allow it to dry completely first. Curing the film will make the tinted car windows last longer and keep their shine. This will ensure the second layer of tint won’t peel off as easily as the first one. Curing the window tint after each coat is advisable, but don’t forget that curing inhibits the drying process.


With so many vehicle tinting alternatives, you may also discover a new approach to have your vehicle’s privacy without any visible faults. If you want well-tinted vehicle windows, find a reputed service and have your car tinted by professionals.

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